Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smart-Grid Solution? CC430 Energy Harvesting

The beginning of the video above mirrors my sentiments of what I believe is a worthwhile approach to energy utilization, harvesting and distribution. I've mentioned this option in the past, lets use the energy we already waste and produce new energy where we currently distribute it. I see lower cost vibration and solar hybrid energy harvesting systems, piggybacked and utilizing our current grid and/or highway infrastructure. Storage on site if needed. Now that would help to make a smart grid that makes sense.

Let's tie portions of what we already have in place together. Guard rails along the Grapevine in SoCal, bridges, high "wind and solar" exposed area's by using current energy grid towers as energy harvesting infrastructure.

It can be done, yes? Are there any companies researching or testing this option? Maybe they should be...

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