Friday, March 4, 2011

The "Art Project" - Google's Bringing Art to the World!

I have to hand it to Google, their "Art Project" with it's "HD", "Zoom", and "Street View" capabilities is assured to delight the masses. Teachers and art enthusiasts alike will appreciate the remarkably easy to use interface. Though, that ease of use could be enhanced greatly by adding a global keyword "search all" feature allowing the user to locate content more readily by "artist name" as an example with results to each work from all museum references. That being said, Google's "Art Project" brings long awaited access and well deserved global attention to art museums, artists and their creative works. I'm happy to see that many people who would otherwise never have had the "chance", or dare I say even the "thought" of gazing upon the work of "da Vinchi", "Van Goch", "Rubens", "Monet", "Turner" or "Dali"(to name just a few), will now have detailed, close up and personal, access. The resource even provides the ability to create you're own collection. Talk about fueling creativity... Just beautiful!

Check it out yourself at:

Here's the visitors guide video:

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