Saturday, July 2, 2011 reports: Grid energy storage tool reduces risk to utilities

Quick Take: As the KEMA news release says: "Uncertainty about the total cost and value of energy storage device makes it difficult to determine payback." As a result, utilities often hesitate to add storage to their technology toolboxes. But new methods are emerging to solve this issue. Here's a new tool from KEMA (see below). And we've previously shared stories with you on monetizing energy storageup and coming smart grid storage technologies and why it's essential to choose storage technologies very carefully (because many may fail as the grid-scale storage wars grind on). – By Jesse Berst

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Choosing the right energy storage technology, let alone figuring out return on investment, is a tricky business when you're dealing with such a young industry. KEMA's new ES-Select, a new energy storage performance modeling tool, is designed to take the guesswork out of the process.

KEMA is well aware that energy storage technologies vary drastically – from electric batteries to flywheels and more – with equally drastic differences in deliverable power, efficiency, discharge time, cycle life and other operational elements. And, uncertainty about total cost and value makes it hard to determine payback, adding to the confusion and uncertainty.

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