Monday, June 6, 2011

Introduction to Wax Carving with Josh Murray

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This week The Gnomon Workshop announces the release of Introduction to Wax Carving with Josh Murray. This title breaks from the traditional clay sculpture titles, to introduce you the art of carving a working master in wax. In this DVD, Josh uses both modern and traditional techniques to develop a low-relief wax master, commonly used for casting jewelry and sculptures. Josh utilizes subtractive methods to accurately carve out detail, then, uses an additive method build up new elements on his master. Using his extensive experience, Josh also discusses the utilization of the tools he uses in his workflow, including common hand and power tools. This title will expose sculptors of all levels to a new set of techniques for working with a classic, yet flexible, medium like wax.

This title is available as digital download and is also featured in our training subscription plans.

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